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10 Best ways to Spend Your Winter Break

December 15, 2016 - Posted toStudent life

Content 10 best ways to spend your winter break

There are numerous ways to spend your winter break. This is the perfect time to try new things and add something to your arsenal of skills and talents. But for some, winter break is a holiday to complete their unfinished requirements like writing your admission essay for college applications or finally starting the DIY project they always wanted to start.

This also means having the opportunity to spend time with your family and find spontaneous things to do over winter break. Clearly, there are hundreds of options to make your winter break a meaningful one. Here are suggestions to utilize the little time you have outside the hallways of your school this college winter break.

  1. Expand your horizons. Find student volunteer opportunities if you want to be a valuable member of the society. Aside from priding yourself with charitable work, this is also the best time to meet new people and help them out.

There are numerous non-profit organizations to choose from that is based on your qualifications. If you want to build house, you can go to Japan. If you want to enjoy the beach and teach the locals, you can visit Guatemala. Or if you want something near your hometown, rest assured there are charitable organizations within your area.

  1. Finish your admission writing to get better chances at getting a spot in the university of college you want. This may seem like a loaded task, especially if you want your admission essay to be spotless, but the winter break will give you more time to collect your thoughts and starting impressing the college you wish to attend.

This also means staying in close contact with your admissions counsellor if you have any follow up questions regarding your college application. After all, we all want what’s best for us and the winter break won’t be a hindrance to achieve the goals you have set up for you.

  1. Watch films and shows. Ever missed out a movie because of all the requirements you had to accomplish in school? This is now the best time binge watch on the movies you missed because you didn’t have the time before.

Aside from movies, this is also the best time to watch all your favorite television shows in the fondness of your couch. All you need are the following: a copy of the show, a good night’s sleep prior to watching all night, and a bowl of popcorn.

  1. Spend time with your loved ones. This college winter break is also the best time to have quality time with the people you love and care most. Spend time with your family and talk about your plans for the future and reminisce enjoyable memories in the past.

College students are away with their families for almost an entire year, so the winter break is a good excuse to make up for lost time.

This holiday is all about having quality time with the ones you love. If you’re in a relationship, this is also the best time to introduce him or her to your parents.

  1. Record music in your bedroom. Remember when Beyonce surprised all her fans when she surprisingly dropped her Yonce album? The album was such a success that everyone freaked out and panicked bought the album? No one saw it coming. If you have great management skills, you can also record music videos with your original songs.
  2. Try out new sports. It can be anything you want to do whether it be boxing, volleyball, basketball, football, or try them all. Because you got time in your hands.

This is an opportunity for you to have an active lifestyle, even for a little time. At the same time, trying out a new sport means being spontaneous and trying out something you haven’t done before. We all need spontaneity once in a while.

  1. Set the goals you want to achieve for the last semester. This winter break is also a good time get your priorities straight. Make a list of the things you want to achieve for the coming semester and make sure you do and accomplish them. Think of it as your New Year’s resolution.
  2. Be a bookworm. Now that you actually have the time to spend, read your favorite authors away from the loads of academic books you read and write about in school.  This is a reminder that reading is a productive hobby and an enjoyable one.
  3. Keep calm and enjoy the goodness of your home. They say there’s no place like home. That is relatively true knowing your mom serves the best dishes, you are in the comfort of your own bed away from your college roommate who probably chugs your stash of energy drinks.
  4. The winter break is the perfect time to relax. School can be stressful and a break isn’t called such for nothing. Think of it this way: The winter break means actually taking time for yourself and stepping away from all the requirements and assignment you left behind in school.

With lots of options to choose from to make your winter break as productive as possible, being lazy is not an option. But if you wish to be lazy, just make sure you have some good stagnant activities such as watching a movie or reading a good book.

Lastly, the winter break is supposed to be fun and merry, so use the time you have wisely.  

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