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10 Lessons You Can Only Learn Outside of Your Comfort Zone

December 08, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

Content 10 lessons you can only learn outside of your comfort zone

10 Lessons You Can Only Learn Outside of Your Comfort Zone

There is safety in the familiar. Even if the “familiar” is not particularly fulfilling, we seem to come to accept that and to “settle.” After all, we are comfortable, and that’s more than many others can say. And if we have to give up some of our dreams and passions, well that is just a part of life. Not so. To give up one’s dreams and passions is to live a life of what Thoreau aptly named, a life of “quiet desperation.” It’s uncomfortable to leave the familiar, of course, but it is the single most valuable thing you can do. And oh, what you will learn!

You Will Experience Personal Growth Right Away

As soon as you step into “unchartered territory,” you will have to face challenges head-on and jump hurdles if you are to survive. Consider the individual who gives up the comfort of a steady job and income to start his/her own business. All of a sudden there are a host of things to do and learn – things never done before. Being your own boss brings with it some scary stuff, but consider how much you will have grown in just the first 6 months of your launch. You’ll reach deep inside and pull out all of your strengths, your passions, your ability to learn what you must, and your skills of managing yourself and others. And each small success will push you to the next level of challenge.

You Will Come to Love Risks

For very “comfortable” people, a risk may be something as small as getting a new hairstyle; for others it may be taking a new job. Maybe that new job means a move from the town in which you have lived since childhood. Each time a risk is taken and each time that risk has positive results, you will be ready for bigger ones. There is a great thrill is taking a risk itself when it means moving yourself forward to a new goal. You will also learn that failing is not terminal.

You Will Learn that Fear Can Be a Motivator

Consider the individual who has determined to start his/her own business. There is a great deal of planning to be done in terms of financial planning and budgeting. If you decide to do this, the importance of both a business and a personal budget cannot be underestimated. A personal budget must allow for sustaining yourself until the business begins to bring in profit. And a bit of fear that your personal funds will run out too early is a huge motivator to work harder to make that business a success. Rather than let fear paralyze you, use it to spur you on to do great things. You will draw upon energy and skills you did not know you even had.

You Will Experience New Excitement

When was the last time you had sustained excitement about something – not the excitement of Christmas coming or of buying a new car or home – but the excitement of a plan for moving forward in your personal or professional life? This is long-term excitement that replaces the underlying regret that you have had for not pursuing those dreams you have held. It becomes a huge motivator and puts a new “spring in your step.” When you begin on the steps toward your new goals, you get an incredible feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day – a feeling that will move you forward the next day.

You’ll See Humor in all Your Past Excuses

When we are nervous or fearful of trying new things, we make up excuses for why we cannot do something – “I’m not smart enough to do that,” “I don’t have the time to take on something like that,” “What will others say?” “What if I fail?” Once you have pushed through that barrier of comfort and are into your new “zone,” with new successes, you will laugh at your old self.

You Will Learn a Lot about Yourself – Your Real Self

People often say that they did not know how strong they were until they were faced with a crisis and got through it. You don’t need to wait for a crisis. You can control the discovery of your strengths with challenges of your own choosing. And some weaknesses may pop up. You may find that you will need to learn some new things that you don’t have all of the skills you need for some new endeavor. And how great is that? You have an opportunity to learn – something we all should do throughout our lifetimes.

Your Self-Confidence Will Grow

As you experience successes, no matter how small, your confidence begins to grow. And the funny thing about self-confidence. Once you get it in one area of your life, it transfers to all other areas of your life. A major success in a project at work or a new venture makes you walk a little taller and makes you welcome challenges in your social life. Perhaps you were shy and avoided social gatherings, especially those in which you did not know many people. That will not bother you now- you have developed a sense of your worth and value.

You Will be in Charge

When we live in our comfort zones, it is too easy to allow others to control us. They want us right where we are, because that brings comfort to them too. And often they will discourage us from trying new things, from changing jobs or moving to a new city. They don’t like change in you because it causes discomfort for them. Once you step outside of that zone, however, and yu realize that is where you need to be, you can gracefully and non-judgmentally let them go, while encouraging them to jump out of their comfort zones too.

You Will Become a Lifelong Learner

Think of your comfort zone as the center small circle surround by two larger concentric circles.

You are in the center when you are in your comfort zone. The next layer out is your learning zone. This is where you want to be – always learning, always growing. And that outer layer? Well, it is the high-risk zone. This may be the place where a really long-term goal or dream sits – one that will have to work toward by learning and growing in the middle zone first.

You Will Become an Inspiration to Others

 When you find that others are recognizing your accomplishments and achievements, it’s a great feeling. But even greater is the feeling when they tell you that your journey has inspired them to begin their own. After all, the biggest compliment is in imitation.

What will you choose? Will you stay in that small little circle, or will you venture out and see all that the world has to offer? In doing this, you will meet many just like you who will support and encourage youi along the way.

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