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7 Writing Exercises from Positive Psychology to Rediscover Your Personality

July 26, 2016 - Posted toStudent life

Content 7 writing exercises from positive psychology to rediscover your personality

Being a college student can be a life-changing experience. The constant feeling of discovery as you engage in college writing can leave you feeling a bit unsure of who you are. Of course, research paper and the unavoidable paper writing that comes with it is time consuming and hard work, so it’s normal to feel a bit lost. Even so, the older we get, the more we realize how much everything is changing around us and we become aware of things we often overlooked before.

While writing a college paper will give you as much writing practice as you will ever need, there are easy-to-do writing exercises that will help you get a hold of your inner self and personality again. God knows that it’s just what we need when we are neck deep the mandatory and difficult paper writing. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the writing exercises that you can do.

Me and myself

As silly as it sounds, you can always write a letter to your future self, letting them know how you feel and what you expect from the future. It’s a good way of learning a bit about yourself and becoming self-aware. It will also help with research and writing since you will get a new perspective on your current situation. Try thinking of all the things you want to tell yourself five or ten years down the line. It will be difficult at first, but writing exercises such as these tend to stimulate the creative center of our brain, which is exactly what we need for college writing.

The memory exercise

This exercise is similar to the one before, only this time you will go to the past instead. Simply write “I remember…” on a piece of paper and start writing about the first thing that pops into your mind. Paper writing in college doesn’t involve such sentimental exercises, so this is a good way to relax your brain and remember a time and place where you felt completely different. Let your memories flow freely and use this time to let go of all the stress that you’re experiencing with your research paper or other projects.

The “first” exercise

When was the last time you did something for the first time? This writing exercise will help your paper writing skills by letting you remember the times when you did things for the first time in your life. Simply write “My first…” and start from there. Whether it’s your first kiss, your first pet, or your first computer; this exercise will surely make you feel nostalgic and stimulate your mind in ways you can’t imagine. Writing exercises such as these are a perfect way to unwind after a long day at college when you want to compare where you started to where you are now.

The dictionary exercise

A short but sweet exercise that involves opening your dictionary at random and choosing the first word you see. Try writing a creative imaginary definition for that word. Writing exercises such as this force you to think outside the box and work with what you have. Your college writing will often put you in very similar situations, so practice this exercise whenever you feel like brainstorming ideas.

The world traveler

If you can’t find an actual atlas, a map of the world on your computer screen will do the trick. Close your eyes and try putting your finger on the map. Wherever your finger points, that’s where you are traveling as a writer. It’s up to you to write an article about that place since you traveled there and saw it after all. This writing exercise will help with research more than anything, simply because you will search online for any information about the place you traveled to. Paper writing in college is all about research, and by the time you get to research paper writing, it’s best you practice your creativity and research abilities. Once you’re done with the article, try reading it the next day to see how you feel about what you wrote. Does it sound like you really went there or did you just write it to get it over with? Whichever it is, repeat this exercise as many times as you want; it’s a fun way to pass the time and a good way to practice college writing.

Poem puzzle

Search your newspaper or favorite website for two or three ads. Try writing a short poem using only the words you find in those ads. A writing exercise such as this will help your creativity and problem solving skills, since you can’t move outside the boundaries of those words. Paper writing in college is much like this exercise. Often times you will have a limited number of sources and you will have to improvise as to how they all fit together to make a cohesive whole. Once you finish your poem, try reading it out loud. Does it make sense? If not, try doing it again with the same words.

Sell your pet

Try searching for different animals online and pick whichever one you think is the most interesting. Now try writing an ad saying that you are selling it. You can use whatever format and story you prefer, but the point should be that you are selling that animal. Writing exercises such as these will test your problem solving and you will practice catering to different target audiences. You will have to do this often in college writing since your professors will often ask for different tones and writing styles in your paper writing. When you finish your ad, try asking a friend to read it and see if you made a good sales-pitch. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you want, since each time you will find new and unique ways to sell your pet (or in case of college writing, your idea).

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