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8 Factors that Make Women Entrepreneurs Successful

September 07, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

Content why women entrepreneurs are successful

What Makes Women Successful

There was an old saying year ago: “For every successful man, there is a woman behind him.” That was certainly not true, then or now, and the reverse is certainly not true either. Women have stormed the world of entrepreneurship recently, and, all on their own, they are becoming wildly successful. So what makes a successful female entrepreneur? Not surprisingly, many of the same character traits that make their male counterparts, with a few exceptions.

They Have the Two Critical “P’s”

These two traits are also true for men, but women seem often to exhibit them to a greater degree. They are Passion and Persistence. When women find something about which they are passionate, they are “all in.” That passion consumes them and they will “eat, drink, and sleep (or not)” that passion. And it allows them to focus on their dreams and goals without compromise. In that passion, they also become like “bull dogs,” refusing to accept defeat, refusing to accept “no.” If a wall is put in front of them, they will find a way to climb over it, dig under it, or bulldoze through it. And if they need the support of others to do so, they will find that support an enlist it. They are not concerned with admitting that they need help, something the male ego does not always allow.

They Have a Collaborative Leadership Style – Servant Leadership is Common

Women entrepreneurs build a team and involve those team members in setting visions and goals, so that everyone “owns” them. They also tend to be good listeners, both to employees and to customers. When they give tasks to their employees, their leadership style as a servant is to ensure that those employees have all of the support and resources they need to be successful.

They Think Big

Their goals are realistic but definitely move them out of their comfort zones. And as soon as one goal is reached, they meet with their teams and set a new one. Moving forward is never an option with successful women, who keep their visions front and center.

They Network a Lot

One of the things that successful men traditionally do to maintain professional relationships is to play a lot of golf and go out for a beer with colleagues, clients, and other business friends. Women tend not to do that so much. This does not mean they do not network, however. They join professional organizations, both on and offline; they attend meetings, workshops, and conferences to make those connections that will ultimately build mutually beneficial relationships. 

They are Assertive Self-Advocates

This used to be seen as “pushy” – now it is just seen as smart. They start their own organizations; they join others and work to achieve awards and recognition; they see out publicity in the press; they gain publicity by becoming active in their communities.

They Commit to Lifelong Learning

They know their businesses will not grow if they do not stay on top of all of the newest trends both within and outside of their niches, as well as general trends in the economic and political worlds. They know that trends, circumstances, and general “mood” of the country will impact them, so they remain aware. They continue to research and learn because that is exactly where the next big idea will come from.

They Can Delegate

This is something many female entrepreneurs must learn, because they often launch a startup business believing that they can do it all. This approach usually leads to failure, but successful females learn to adapt and to be flexible. They then go out and find the very best person for every job within their organizations and become the coach and the supplier of resources.

They Give Back to Their Communities

Social responsibility on the part of business is a huge factor in the eyes of many young consumers today (Millennials currently are responsible for $500 billion in annual online sales). They demand that the companies they do business with meet social obligations through some type of “cause.” Perhaps because they are females, many with children, they find it easier to reach out and give.

There you have it. If this sounds like you, perhaps entrepreneurship is in your future! 

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