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9 Signs You Need a Career Change

December 07, 2015 - Posted toStudent life

Content 9 signs you need a career change

9 Signs You Need to Change Your Career

It’s a generational thing. Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers are very hesitant to make a career change if they have been in their careers for lengthy period of time. As well, they are older professionals, and changing careers and finding new positions may be a bit more difficult. Millennials, on the other hand, have grown up with the attitude and understanding that they may in fact change careers at least a few times during their work lives. They are far less hesitant to consider such changes, even quite often. No matter of which generation you are, however, there are some very “loud” signals that you should be looking for a change. Here are 9 of them.

You Have Lost Your Passion

Even if you are not happy with the particular organization for which you are currently working, if you are still passionate about your work, then you need not look for a career change. You need to change employers. But, if you find yourself lacking in motivation for the actual work – work that you used to love – then it’s time to explore other careers. Signs that you are facing such career burnout are pretty clear. You have trouble getting started on projects or tasks that you used to tackle with enthusiasm. You continually get up from a task or project, easily distracted by interruptions or other things that have nothing to do with the task at hand.

You are Living for the Weekends

Yes, weekends are fun and relaxing and a great break from the stress and challenges of work. However, if you are focusing on what your weekend will be like very frequently during the days at work, then you may be facing career burnout. And, once your weekend is ending, if you are dreading going back to work on Monday morning, dreading it not because you are tired from too much weekend, then you need to heed the sign.

You are Tired and Hate Getting Up Every Morning

If you have had enough sleep and you are relatively healthy, you should not have problems waking up in the morning. If you do, and you just cannot get yourself motivated to start you are not happy either with the organization for which you work or with your career in general.

You Have Lost Optimism and Desire for Self-Improvement

These losses are usually the result of your feeling trapped in your current career – trapped with no “out” in sight. You have family obligations and bills, so you must stay where you are and cannot consider pursuing something different. The beginning of the “fix” for this is to take just one small step. Enroll in a night course in a field you might find interesting or that will provide some personal development. Such a course may motivate you to pursue a change.

You Do Not Find Work Challenging Anymore

Being bored at work is never a good thing. If the projects and tasks have just become mundane, and there is no prospect for additional training and assuming new more challenging responsibilities, then you definitely need to move on. Just a tasks that are way “over one’s head” lead to stress and potential failure, do tasks that are dull. You will have a tendency to put them off, complete them at the last minute, and they will not be good work.

Your Current Salary is Not Reflective of Your Value

Others in your career are earning more than you and perhaps getting bonuses. They are receiving great performance evaluations and good raises every year. You are producing as much as they are, with good results, and yet your compensation is lower and your performance reviews only mediocre.

There are Too Many “Battles”

A CPA joined a rather “loosely run” real estate investment firm during the housing bubble of the 2000’s. The owners of the firm were not lawyers nor were they accountants, and therefore did not understand all of the SEC regulations in play for their business. Every time they wanted to do something “innovative,” the CPA had to remind them that they would be violating certain laws or regulations. Their response was to become angry with the CPA. This “culture” was just not right, and so the CPA left. Good thing too. The firm eventually got fined so heavily by the SEC that it had to ultimately close its doors. If you are in an organization in which you feel that everything is a “battle,” then you are in the wrong place. Get out soon.

You Don’t Feel Connected

If you are not finding your workplace a pleasant place to be and are not building good relationships with peers and a sense of loyalty to the organization, then something is definitely wrong. The “culture” is not a fit for you, and you will never really be happy with your job. It is certainly time to look at other options.

You are Experiencing Health Problems

If your personal life is on track and satisfying, and you are experiencing ailments such as high blood pressure, lots of colds, stomach and digestive issues, then your physical issues are probably the result of too much stress at work. Workplace stress can be caused by too many tasks, projects, and long hours or by boredom and not enough to do. Making a change is a smart health decision.

As you contemplate a career change, identify those things that are most important to you in your professional life. What are your needs? If you have these clearly in mind when you do begin your search, you will be able to ask the right questions when you get into an interview situation with a potential new employer.

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