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Academic Writing Seminar. Become the Best College Paper Writer

March 16, 2017 - Posted toStudy and Education

Content best college paper writer

Is it true that only professional writers who spend hours in libraries and don`t skip a single English class in school/college are capable of writing great college papers? We easily reply – it`s a myth! You don`t have to stay up late trying to memorize all the hints from your literature book or watching another video tutorial on YouTube made by a “professional” writer with experience in blogging about cats and claiming to be more skilled than any college professor (of course there are no doubts that a ballerina can be a perfect carpenter just like the guy next door who`s been in forestry for all his life). Yet, wouldn’t it be better to rely on masters of their craft?

Fortunately for you we have a solution! Judy Thompson, a professional writer, content creator and essayist who launched online college paper writing service and has helped dozens of students with their papers is hosting an Academic Writing Seminar in two cities – New York and Atlanta in late April. Together with her colleague and co-host, a lecturer from Spelman College, Ph.D Calaya Michelle Reid they are going to reveal some writing secrets and dissolve main biases about Colleges, Papers and Writing.

  • How does college essays evaluation works?
  • Is it a must to have good imagination to write academic papers?
  • How to generate ideas in shortest and be able to perform them as fast?
  • Does your paper arrangement mean more than the main idea?

Answers to these and other questions you will get during our seminar.

So, plan to meet a lot of like-minded people in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Southwest Branch Library on April 27 at 17:00 and in New York at the Jerome Park library on April 30 at 16:00. The event is free, but the number of seats is limited, so you will receive a confirmation code QR code for the entrance after your request for participation. Simply send an email to, and our administrators will get in touch. Make sure you like our Facebook page and follow on Twitter.
Do not forget to apply today and be better tomorrow!

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