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A Brief Overview of the APA Format Research Paper

August 17, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

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A Brief Overview of the APA Format Research Paper

The APA format is used in nearly every research paper written by any student taking a psychology test. It is also the writing format used in all publications of the American Psychological Association. The APA format is also frequently used in research papers and essays in the academic areas of social services and education. Like other writing formats, many of the rules in the APA format center around spacing and structure.

The Elements of an APA Research Paper

Just like other research and essay formats, there are rules in the APA style that dictate headings, margins, spacing, fonts, inline citations, and your reference summary. There is no need to memorize this. The best way to develop a familiarity with this style is by using a reliable template as you write your research paper. The more often you write APA format papers, the more familiar you will become with how they look. However, if you utilize a template, you will never be in danger of forgetting a required element.

Learning More about the APA Format

If you are a student who is majoring in psychology, social sciences, or education, you are going to be required to write a significant number of papers in the APA format. In this case, you may wish to learn more about APA format so that you can more easily see your own mistakes, and so you can participate in peer review sessions.

Your first resource when it comes to understanding the details of the APA format is your school’s writing lab. This is usually an online resource that you can tap for writing information. Occasionally, your college’s writing lab may only be available in your school library or computer labs during specific hours. Fortunately, many schools have online writing labs that are available to the general public. You can use these resources if no other ones are available to you.

Your next available resource is going to be your instructor, teaching assistants, or other faculty members. These individuals aren’t usually available to answer general questions about the APA format. However, they are nearly always ready to provide you with assistance related to papers that they have assigned that must be written in the APA format. They may have example papers, or they may be able to point you to resources that will help you.

A third resource for APA formatting help is via a professional tutor. This option does cost money, but you will get the help and information that you need to master this writing format.

The Purpose of APA and Other Writing Formats

If you are wondering, what is the point of requiring students to write in APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. there are actually many reasons for this. The primary reason is equality. If all students are required to adhere to a specific format, this means that the only thing impacting how their writing is judged is quality. Writing format is also heavily influenced by the publishing and printing industries where spacing and specific fonts impact the cost of printing and publishing

Getting APA Help

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