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Selecting or Creating Ideas for Argumentative Research Paper Topics

August 24, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

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Selecting or Creating Ideas for Argumentative Research Paper Topics

The first step you must take when writing an argumentative research paper is to select the topic that is best for you, or to create a topic about which you can write with authority. No matter which option you choose, argumentative research paper topics must be interesting, relevant, and they must be a subject that you can use to write an entire research paper. Most of all, your topic must be on a subject that is arguable. This simply means that it is topic that people don’t always agree on. For example, you wouldn’t write a persuasive paper over the fact that there are 50 states in the United States. You could, on the other hand, write an argumentative paper stating that citizens of the territories of the United States should have the right to vote in presidential elections.

Selecting Topics from a List for an Argumentative Research Paper

If your professor has given you a list of topics to choose from, you are facing some advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, you don’t need to go through the steps of creating your own topic, however you also may have to write about a subject that doesn’t really hold your interest. If you are asked to select a topic from a limited list, please consider the following:

  • Is there a topic that truly excites you? Is it arguable? If so, this is your topic
  • If you aren’t excited about any of the available topics, is there a topic that you can possibly relate to something interesting to you?
  • Even if it isn’t interesting to you, a topic that you are familiar with is always a good choice as it requires less research effort.
  • The more points of argument that can be made for or against your topic, the easier it will be to write a research paper that is of the required length
  • If you hire a professional from research paper writing service, s/he will develop a perfect topic for your paper.

Creating Your Own Argumentative Paper Topic

If you have been given the freedom to write your paper on any topic that you want, you may feel elated. Just don’t forget that there is also a lot of pressure. Remember that your instructor will wonder why you chose the topic that you did and will want to see whether or not you can write a paper on that subject. This means that if you choose a wrong subject, it is going to show in your work and you will be penalized. If you select a topic for your research paper, you should follow some of the advice above. For example, create a topic that reflects your interests, provokes strong opinions, and if possible one with which you are familiar. One precaution that you should take is to avoid self-indulgence in your topic selection. Always keep in mind that you want your writing to be accurate and to hold your reader’s interests.

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