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Finding the Best Research Paper Topics

October 12, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

Content finding the best research paper topics

Best Research Paper Topics

It’s a bit stressful when you are told to produce a research paper and to choose your own topic that relates to the topic areas of a course. You are given no concrete options of topics you might choose – just told to go out, find a topic, and produce a paper. So how do you begin to decide what are the best research paper topics for a given course? Here are some tips that will help you.

Understanding the Requirements of Your Instructor/Professor

There are some parameters that you have been given. Usually, these relate to the broad topic area within which you must find a topic, the length requirements, and so forth. Before you even begin to consider topic options, make sure you understand the requirements of the assignment.

Your Parameters for Topic Selection

There are several things that you must do to find the best research paper topics.

  1. Find topics that are really of interest to you personally, not suggested topics of your professors or peers. What do you want to study?
  2. Think about the scope of the potential topics in which you are interested. How broad is this field? How can you narrow it?
  3. Do some brainstorming. If you will do some initial research on the broad topic of interest, you will have some ideas that are more specific. Now, come up with a list of words and phrases that relate to the topic.
  4. Develop a research question. This will point you in the right direction and help you narrow your broad topic area.
  5. Look at the resource that can help you refine your topic – textbooks, lecture notes, outside readings, Wikipedia, and Google. What are sub-topics within this broad area that might be appropriate for the requirements of our instructor/professor?

An Example of Topic Refinement

Suppose your general topic is food safety. Here is how you might go about narrowing your topic.

  1. Do some initial research. Who is involved in food safety? The FDA? What are current activities and labeling laws that relate to food safety?
  2. Develop a question. What “forces” are at work in the labeling of our foods?
  3. Conduct some more in-depth research on those “forces.”  Look at corporations involved in food production and processing (e.g. Monsanto); look at food processors (e.g. Tyson chicken); look at public demands for more detailed food labeling and on the lobbying efforts in Congress on the part of large corporate food manufacturers and processors. How much influence do they wield?
  4. Narrow your topic and develop a thesis. For example, the public has a right to know what foods are genetically modified. Or, the public has a right to know from where its processed food comes. Now you have a topic that is narrow enough and you have a thesis statement that will guide your in-depth research and writing.

Preparing the Finished Product

Finding the best topics for research papers is only the first step. You have a lot of work to do before the final product is complete and ready for submission. If deadlines loom that you cannot meet; if you are pressed for time to do the research; if your composition skills are not as great as they need to be, consider the use of an research paper writing service to help you out. is a premier service that can give you as little or as much help as you need, not matter what the topic or academic level.

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