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Breast Cancer Research Paper – Timely topics

October 05, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

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Breast Cancer Research Paper

There is so much written today about breast cancer that you will be overwhelmed by the amount of resource materials that is available for a research paper. The biggest challenge you may face, in fact, is narrowing your topic so that it is manageable and then attempting to select those several resources that will be most relevant and current for the topic you have selected.

Possible Topics

A breast cancer research paper topic might address any of the following:

  1. Symptoms: There are actually 9 symptoms of breast cancer. A research paper might explain each of these symptoms and indicate which are more serious indicators.
  2. Diagnosis: Current methods of diagnosis and the need for preventive screenings and early diagnosis
  3. Current Treatments: A paper should include all of the traditional treatments – lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy - and some of the newer medications and treatments such as Tamoxifen and stem cell research
  4. Risk Factors: A great deal of research has been conducted regarding risk factors, and medical professionals now can list a number of things which increase the risk for breast cancer – weight, alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, blood estrogen and androgen levels, and, of course, heredity.
  5. The Role of Diet in Breast Cancer Risk: This has become a more prominent subject of research in the past decade. Scientists have discovered that certain food groups – dairy, dietary rat, red meats, etc. have a direct correlation to the development of breast cancer in women who have other risk factors.
  6. Funding for Breast Cancer Research: Interestingly, while breast cancer will impact 10% of the female population in the United States, the federal government is spending more on subsidies to oil companies than it is on breast cancer research. A paper on this topic might look at sources of funding, both public and private and make suggestions for increased funding.

Finding the Right Resource Materials

Fortunately, you will not have to go directly to primary sources and read the research presentations that are found in medical journals and that are extremely difficult for the “lay” person to understand. Unless, you want to use the sources like, you may lay the responsibility of writing on the shoulders of research paper writing services. If not - there is a wealth of material that summarizes these research efforts, published by well-regarded organizations and written in language and terminology that are understandable. It is important, however, that as you locate those source materials you ensure that they are based upon actual research, not upon the beliefs and opinions of those who are not medical professionals. And sources such as Wikipedia, while providing generalize information, are not considered worthy of a cancer research paper, or any research paper for that matter. Using Wikipedia to get basic information and as a source of academically sound references is certainly fine, but it should never be cited as a resource for your paper.

Don’t Forget to Develop a Thesis for Your Paper

You will not be fulfilling the requirements of a college research paper if you do not have a strong thesis statement, provided to your reader in your introduction. It is not enough that you are providing information. Why is this information important to the reader?

Don’t Struggle Needlessly

If you have difficulty narrowing your topic, finding the right resources or composing your paper, you can always get customized help from, where paper writers are standing ready to assist.

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