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College Research Paper Topics – Focused and Narrow

September 14, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

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College Research Paper Topics

When you were in high school, you may have written a research paper for your American history class on the causes of the Civil War. You used books, maybe an article or two from a Civil War journal publication, and perhaps a couple of internet-based resources. Your paper probably presented 3 basic causes – slavery, the issue of federal power vs. states’ rights, and the conflict between social and cultural differences between the North and the South.

Now that you are in college, however, a research paper on the Civil War will be far different. Because your research must be far more in-depth and scholarly, you will most likely select only one cause of the Civil War and prepare a work that is based upon primary resource materials as opposed to secondary. This is one of the major differences between high school and college research works. The writers at are always ready to help with college essay writing and take your performance of the written assignment to the next level.

Topic Selection Process

If you are tasked with producing a research paper, your topic selection should be carefully chosen and refined so that you can meet the expectations of your professors. To find a worthy topic, you should first look to your textbook and lecture notes, along with any outside reading you may have been assigned. These are college research paper topics your professor considers worthy, so take your lead from him/her on this. The second criterion, of course, is to pick a topic that interests you.

The next step in the process is to determine if there are enough primary sources for your research on a specific topic. So search for those sources before you make a final topic selection. There is nothing worse than choosing a topic only to find that there is not enough source material to satisfy your professor’s requirements.

Some Example Topics that are Appropriate

Business: Cybersecurity; Business Ethics; Servant Leadership Style; Social Responsibility

Education: Student Loan Debt; Free Public Education K-16; E-Learning Innovations

Psychology: Psychology of a suicide bomber; psychology of gang membership

Law: Assisted Suicide; Insanity Defense; Voter Suppression Laws

Environment: Wind Energy; Re-approval of DDT; Weather Extremes

Political Science: Electoral College; Immigration Policy; Federal Wiretapping

All of these topics will require that you develop a thesis, not just locate information and report on it, as you may have done in high school

Locating Resources

Think primary resource materials. You will need to go to organizations and individuals with first-hand knowledge who have researched, written, presented, and/or experienced aspects of your topic. Books will become less important; research articles, dissertations, letters, court decisions and such will become more important and should be used whenever possible. If you have difficulty locating these resources, consult with a professional writing service and have a scholar in that field provide you with appropriate source materials.

Expectations for Composition

Professors all assume that their students can produce scholarly and academically-sound writing. Style, language, sentence structure and such must be impeccable and reflective of a college student. For many students, this becomes a major issue – the math major has never really focused on fine-tuning his/her writing skills; the art major sees writing as an unrelated secondary priority; the ESL student is still struggling with basic grammar. For all of you, a professional writing service like is just a smart idea. Having your writing challenges ruin a grade in a history class is not something you want to allow to happen.

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