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The Death Penalty Research Paper – It’s Not Just an Opinion Piece!

September 21, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

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It Goes Beyond A Simple View Point

If you have written an essay on the death penalty in the past, it was probably a persuasive or argumentative piece of writing. You took a stand, either for or against, and defended your position, perhaps on moral, religious, or judicial grounds. You may have conducted a bit of research to reinforce your opinions. The death penalty research paper will require far more research and may address far more than just your personal opinion. And you will need to find data and statistics, not merely the opinions of others who have positions on the topic. Your research paper must be a scholarly work. Research paper writing services might be of a great help if you dread through the topic. However, below are small steps to bring you to terms with your future research.

Topics for Research

As you look for a topic for your paper, do a little bit of initial research through an online search. As you conduct this research, determine which topics are of specific interest to you, as well as the organizations and websites that house more information on those topics. Here are some possible topics for consideration:

  1. How arbitrary is the death penalty? Here you will consider the fact that death sentences for criminals who commit the same crime will only be given in those countries that still have the death penalty and, in the United States, in which specific state the crime is committed.
  2. What are international perspectives on the death penalty? How many countries and in which parts of the world does the death penalty still exist.
  3. The death penalty has been around since man first established communities and societies that developed some system of laws or ruling authorities. A research paper might provide a history of the death penalty.
  4. What is the cost of housing prisoners on death row until their appeals have been exhausted in the United States? And what is the cost of an execution itself?
  5. What are methods of execution in various parts of the world? And, in the United States, what is the current controversy over lethal injections?
  6. What are the statistics of the racial makeup of prisoners on death row or executed within the past few decades? What are the statistics of known innocents having been executed? What are the statistics of mentally deficient individuals on death row or who have been executed?
  7. What are the major arguments for and against the death penalty? Does one side have a stronger argument?

Note that with each of these death penalty research paper topics, you will certainly form a position, and that will become the thesis for your paper. The difference, however, is that your paper will be more heavily weighted to information, data and statistics than just your position.

Possible Resources

The best method of locating the type of resources you will need for a worthy piece of writing will be a search for “scholarly research on the death penalty.” The results will be published articles and writings of judicial scholars and journalists who have the type of data you will need. Using these types of source materials will give your paper credibility and certainly a better grade.

If you are having difficulty finding a suitable topic or resources for that topic, you should get some professional help – it does not make sense to “spin your wheels” and stress when you have other coursework assignments which need your attention.

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