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Family Essay Tips and Techniques

July 21, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

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Family Essay Tips and Techniques

Writing about the things that are most familiar to you, such as a family essay can actually be deceptively easy. The truth is, many students struggle with these assignments. Some students have difficulty with top selection. Other students seem to take forever narrowing down all of the points that they wish to include in their essay about family. Other students know exactly what they wish to write about, but are not sure of the best way to craft their family essay thesis statement. Then, there are the students who are not comfortable writing about things that are personal to them. Not to worry. One way is easy enough - there is always an essay writing help avaliable to any student. On the other hand, there are a few techniques to help students overcome each of the issues mentioned above as they work to create an excellent essay.

Topic Selection for your Essay on Family

If you are having difficulties thinking of an essay topic relating to the subject of family, it may be good to get some ideas from outside sources. You could try searching the internet for topics related to family. However, to make things even easier, here are a few family related essay questions, prompts, and ideas:

  • Write an importance of family essay addressing the role of family as a societal construct.
  • Describe the most influential family member in your life.
  • Is family more important than friendships?
  • Is it ever okay to disown a family member?
  • Write about a tragic event that your family had to overcome.
  • What was the best experience that you ever had with your family?
  • Have you ever been betrayed by a family member? Describe that experience.
  • Write a persuasive essay on whether or not non-traditional families are actually families.
  • Should unmarried people who live together get family benefits?

Choosing Supporting Points for Your Essay

Once you have your essay topic, you probably have an idea of what it is that you want to express to your readers. Your next step is to pick the supporting points that you are going to include in your essay. For example if you are writing an importance of family essay, you might have some anecdotal evidence on ways that having a strong family is important, and also some statistical information about the importance of strong family units. All in all, you have more information than you can use in a single essay. So, how do you pare things down? That depends on the class. If you are in social services class, you may want to focus on the statistical class. If you are in a class where it is more appropriate to share stories and examples of strong families, that is what you should emphasize. Just take into consideration the class and the type of essay you are working on.

Crafting Your Thesis Statement

It doesn’t matter if you are writing a family definition essay or a biographical paper on a famous historical family, you need to define the main point of your essay and then consolidate that main point into a coherent thesis statement. It may help you to first write your thesis statement as a few short sentences or even bullet points. Once that is done, go ahead and write your essay, including your conclusion. In most cases, once you have done this, it will become very clear what your final thesis statement should be.

Writing Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If you are uncomfortable writing about personal topics such as family, don’t worry. Here are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that just because family is a topic, don’t assume that you have to approach the topic as an essay about my family. Maybe you can write your essay about a family that you know, or even about a fictional family. You can also take a detached or theoretical approach to the topic and compose a what is family essay that explores the different meanings of family to different people.

Any Questions?

If you need help on an essay about family or any other subjects, we are always here to help. Come back to read other blogs with great writing tips, or place an order for our essay and other writing services.

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