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Writing a Vietnam War Essay

July 10, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

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Writing a Vietnam War Essay

The 1960’s was an especially tumultuous period in U.S. history, one in which today’s students only read about in textbooks. The major stimulus for that unrest was the controversy over the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. If you are currently in a history class that is covering that period, chances are you will be assigned a Vietnam War essay. Within that large content area, there will be a number of topics for essays on the Vietnam War and you should choose one that will be of interest to you. And resign yourself to conducting some research, because you cannot possibly write an informed and scholarly essay on the Vietnam War without it.

Let’s look at some possible topics that you might want to consider:

  1. You might want to select a Cold War Vietnam essay, because the U.S. involvement in Vietnam began as a part of the Cold War struggle between the spread of Communism vs. the containment of Communism on our part. Was it wise for us to adopt a policy of fighting Communism wherever it appeared in the world?
  2. From a historical perspective, you could choose an essay on Vietnam War escalation among the years 1960-1964, showing how, very gradually, the United States was rather “sucked into” an increasing military presence that became a full blown war.
  3. Many students choose Vietnam War essays that relate to the domestic upheaval that our involvement had here at home. This era of protest and continued unrest is one of the most interesting of modern U.S. history. Such an essay could outline the reasons for the strong anti-war sentiments and discuss whether these were justified.
  4. Another great topic for the Vietnam War essay would be to compare it to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Although the “enemy” is a different one, what similarities do you find in the reasons for our involvement, the types of ground wars that were fought, and the ultimate withdrawal from those wars?
  5. Much has been written about the Vietnam War by historians and scholars over the years. And so a Vietnam War dbq essay is often a favorite of instructors and professors. In these essays, you will most assuredly be asked to read the provided documents and then respond to a prompt, using data and facts to support your points.
  6. Our treatment of veterans has become a hot topic of controversy today, as our wars in the Middle East wind down and so many returning servicemen are in need of help and support. An essay on the Vietnam War that speaks to the treatment of veterans returning from that war might point to important similarities and differences and could generate a thesis regarding what policies need to be adopted now to provide more support.

Essays on Vietnam War topics allow a full range of essay types – expository, analytical, comparison/contrast, persuasive, and argumentative. The field is wide open for a student who has options. The best advice? Get the essay writing service that is suitable for writing an essay on complicated topics, like SmartPaperHelp. In case you feel confident - go ahead and do some initial research on this war and choose a topic in which you have a real interest. 

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