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The Hamlet Research Paper

September 28, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

Content the hamlet research paper

The Hamlet Research Paper

You may wonder how you can do a research paper on a play – after all, it is not as if there is factual data to uncover and report. It is, after all, a play, and a more understandable assignment would be an essay, not a piece of research. Think again. Doctoral dissertations have been written on Hamlet, actually, so there is a great deal of research than can be conducted. It will consist of researching what other leading scholars have to say about the work and there is quite a lot of that literature around.

Selecting a Topic for Your Research

Good Hamlet research paper topics are found in the characters, the conflicts, and the themes of the work. In just looking at the themes, for example, you could consider any of the following:

  • Deception/Spying: All of the characters engage in this to some degree, both good and bad. Hamlet himself spies on his mother and Claudius and engages in deception with feigned insanity. Claudius is guilty of the biggest deception of all, having murdered his own brother in order to the throne and a new wife.
  • Melancholy, Insanity, and Sanity: There has been a huge amount of discussion about sanity and insanity in the play. Ophelia is the only one we know for certain has gone insane; however, insanity does not have to be so obvious. Critics have written a lot about the levels of insanity of the other characters.
  • Passion vs. Reason: This conflict seems to be a universal one for all humans, and it is portrayed quite well in many of the characters.
  • Corruption and Accompanying Decay: Claudius’s corruption is bringing harm to the country as a whole.
  • Life’s Purpose: In his famous soliloquy, Hamlet discusses this issue, but other characters approach this topic as well.
  • Conflict – Inner and Outward: The entire play is filled with conflicts any one of which could be the subject of a paper

Another type of Hamlet research paper might address specific characters in depth:

  • Compare Claudius and Macbeth – how are they alike and different.
  • Discuss the relationship between Hamlet and his mother, Gertrude
  • Discuss the relationship between Ophelia and Hamlet
  • Discuss the Elizabethan concept of incest as portrayed by Claudius and Gertrude and, indirectly between Gertrude and Hamlet. Is there an Oedipal situation?

Finding the Resources

A Google search for “Analysis of Hamlet” will bring up hundreds of items. Your job will be to locate those that are scholarly in nature – not Sparknotes, and not those written by other students or samples offered by a number of sources. Your job is to find sources that have been authored by true academics in the field and then to narrow them down further by the topic you have selected. If this seems like a bit of work, it is. Shakespearian scholars produce works that the average undergrad student finds difficult to read and understand. If you are having this kind of difficulty, research paper writing service can handle any issue for you. can provide you with a graduate-degreed scholar to conduct that research for you and to prepare an exceptional paper on Hamlet.

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