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How Exercise Benefits The Brain

November 30, 2015 - Posted toStudy and Education

Content how exercise benefits the brain

The Benefits You Get

You already know that exercise is beneficial for heart health, maintaining a healthy weight, feeling energized, and keeping yourself looking good. You probably also know that people who exercise live much longer than those who don't, but did you also know that exercise has cognitive benefits? It is true! Working out has benefits for the mind as well as benefits for the body. Let's take a look at just a few of these.

Exercise Improves Memory

When you work out, your heart race increases. This increase results in more, oxygen rich blood being pumped throughout your body. One of the organs that most benefits from this is your brain. This increased blood flow has an overall result of improved brain function. One specific area of functioning that improves is your memory. This isn't theory either. Scientists know that the follow of your brain increases after working out. In addition to this, individuals in studies have done significantly better on memory tests after working out.

Exercise is a Natural Antidepressant

It has always been believed that exercise makes us feel better. However, the belief, until fairly recently, has been that this adage applies to people who are fairly happy in general. Nobody really saw exercise as a form of symptom relief for people who truly suffered from depression. Today, scientists know that exercise can be used as a treatment for major depression. In fact, scientists are so convinced that exercise is a viable treatment option that they have begun setting clinical dosing standards that may be used to “prescribe” exercise as a form of treatment.

Exercise Relieves Stress

If you meditate, shop, get massages, or watch television as ways to relax and reduce stress, you may wish to add exercise to your list of stress reducing activities. In fact, no matter how busy and hectic your schedule may be, finding time to exercise may still be beneficial. It has been found that exercise reduces stress in nearly every situation. This includes those times when you are stressed at the idea of spending time getting in a a workout. So, go work out, even if you do have a million other things to do.

Exercise Helps You Accomplish Your Goals

It is unknown if this is due to exercise directly impacting brain function, or just that exercising helps people to develop a sense of self discipline and determination. There may even be a chain reaction that happens when you begin to work out. You work out, you feel more energized, then you use that energy to become more productive and accomplish your goals.

Exercise Improves Focus

Strength training is a form of exercise that requires quite a bit of focus. Because of this, the more strength training you do, the better your focus becomes. Think of the part of your brain that controls function as a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. In other words, keep up with your strength training as it strengthens both your muscles and your brain.

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