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How to Boost Your Social Media Profiles

April 11, 2016 - Posted toStudent life

Content how to boost your social media profiles smartpaperhelpcom

What Can You Do With Your Social Media

Everyone wants to get into the action on social media nowadays and have a presence that will help grow their business. There are some social media platforms that are very active like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Instagram. However, a lot of people fail to build a completed profile and keep it updated. 

It could be that the email is old, the photo is blurry, or the job title has changed. Social media is a fantastic marketing tool and can bring thousands of people to the blogs and websites which will increase business. But this will only happen when what is being presented is correct, concise, and clear. Here are some ways to reach the company’s goals through social media.

  • Recognize Objectives and Goals 

Understanding the objectives and goals is the first step to help grow peoples’ presence on social media. Before they start posting, they need to identify what it is they are going after. They need to make sure they know what audiences they can reach on each one, how the individual platforms work, and what their objectives are. This will get them off to a good start.

  • Be Human and Interact

It’s good for people to let their audiences see them as being real. It’s important to interact often through their social media accounts. It’s more than adding a link to an article and wondering if they will click on it or read it. They need to get in there and interact with everyone by responding to the readers’ posts and interact when an interest is shown. People should let the audience know who they are so they can feel connected and then they’ll want to read more and check out the website.

  • Understand the Needs of the Audience

If people try to understand the needs of their readers, it’ll aid them in engaging with their audience on a more personal level. Pay attention to what they like to read about and what their needs are to understand what to give them. Once people comprehend this, they can give the potential clients what they want and lead them to the website.

  • Place Icons on the Website

People need to make sure they’ve included the icons of all of the social media platforms on their personal or business website. Then, visitors can like or follow after reading the content on the site. Make the icons simple and easy to find so they won’t have to go looking for them. They’ll want to connect so don’t make it difficult for them to do so.

  • Link Profiles to the Website

All of one’s profiles, in the social media accounts, must be linked to their website so readers can learn about them or their company. On the website, there also needs to link back to their profiles.

  • Share and Engage with Everyone 

People should share their social media accounts with everyone so others will know of their presence and can share with their friends. This is one way of getting the word out.  It’s also important to engage with everyone that posts on their pages in their social media accounts. When people sees a post, talk to the person that did it to let them know that what they’ve posted is being read. Let them know they are being listened to and then give them more by continuing to post on the pages.

  • Stay Organized in the Social Media Strategy

All social media network people are involved in needs to serve a purpose. To keep it all organized; make a calendar strictly for marketing. Then add any events that are coming up, blog posts, and anything else that is connected to this strategy. This helps them understand how they can stay organized in bringing in larger audiences.

  • Produce Remarkable Content

By having great content on the website and blog, the business will be showcased and bring in more clients and revenue. So, be sure the writer is producing the most amazing content for the blog, website, and the social media accounts.

  • Use Keywords and Hashtags

To optimize peoples’ social media accounts, they need to start using keywords that concern their business. Consider what words potential customers may use in their searches and use those in the posts and on the website. As for hashtags, everyone is using them to lure more users to their websites or blogs. They can be utilized on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter but use them sparingly.

  • Insert Social Icons in Emails

People everywhere are writing and sending emails all day. By inserting the social media icons into each one, it makes the readers curious enough to check them out.  They will then be lead to the website which could turn them into customers.

  • Provide Benefits

Whenever people are visiting a website or a page in social media, they want to know if there’s anything in it for them. It’s a good idea to offer something for free that’s been designed to peak their interest, build trust, or draw them to the website. It could be a short e-book, discount code, or a short trial offer. They will become worthwhile followers and will stay involved.

  • Research

Every business will have varied experiences on their social media accounts so spend time researching ways to get more followers and likes. Learn everything possible to grow the business through the presence in social media.

  • Branch Out to Other Platforms

Most people will use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus. However, there are many more social media platforms including social review sites, social bookmarking sites, and others. Some people use Foursquare to let their readers know where else they have a presence. 

  • Focus on Perfect Headlines

Writers can spend a lot of time doing their research and then writing a great blog post but more often than not, overlook the importance of the headline or title  It’s not uncommon to spend an average of 30 minutes to come up with the perfect wording. But it’s worth taking the time because it doesn’t matter if an amazing blog has been written if the headline can’t draw the reader in the first place.  It’s also a good idea to make use of the keywords in the title.

  • Optimize Social Presences

Because businesses will continue to add profiles at different times, they may not all share the same cohesive branding. It’s crucial to make sure every presence is optimized. They need to be complete with a concise and definite description of the business, the website URL, and the company’s logo.  Then set a schedule to check on them making sure the information, images, and logo are up to date.

  • Don’t Hide Your Picture

Every day people will go out in public, introduce themselves to those they’ve just met, and allow them the benefit of matching a face with a name.  Social media is no different, and a face is important. It shows the reader who that person is and that they’re real. By using a photo, it will likely get more searches and build trust with the audience. This picture is important so it should be represented well. It also helps the readers put a face to the business.


People need to revisit all of their social media profiles and use these tips and ideas to maximize the impact of their efforts. And remember that updating is a must in maintaining them to make sure they’re complete and engaging to the readers.

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