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Life as a College Freshman: The Pros And The Cons

February 18, 2016 - Posted toStudent life

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The Good and the Bad that College Holds For Freshmen

If you are a college freshman, or are about to become one, you have a lot of change ahead of you. This is truly a transitional time in your life. If you are both excited and apprehensive about what is to come, your feelings are quite common. They also make a lot of sense. Being a college freshman means new experiences and exciting changes. On the other hand, it means making some tough adjustments and dealing with things that can be difficult and confusing. Let’s start by ripping off the bandaid and discussing the downside of your freshman year.

Life as a College Freshman: The Cons

1.The Homesickness

This is a tough one. If you decide to live on campus or otherwise away from home, that’s a really tough adjustment to make. In fact, for the first few weeks of school, you may be quite miserable a lot of the time. Fortunately, you can alleviate homesickness by keeping busy, and calling or skyping people back home on a regular basis. If homesickness truly becomes crippling, don’t feel bad. You aren’t weird, immature, or defective. Homesickness can result in physical illness, sleeping troubles, and difficulty concentrating. Don’t be embarrassed to find help if you are truly struggling.

2.Roommate Troubles

One of our staffers here at Smart Paper Help has been great friends with their college roommate for more than twenty years. Not everybody is so lucky. Roommate conflicts can range from slightly annoying to truly emotionally damaging. Fixing these problems can be even worse. If you are still in the process of filling out the information that will be used to select the best roommate match for you, think long and hard about what you write. That fun, party animal of a roommate might be fun for a week, but how much fun will you be having 6 weeks in when you need to study, and your roommate is living up to their name?

3.Learning to Manage Your Time

Ahhh the trouble with freedom! There’s a lot of new freedom in your freshman year, and not a whole lot of checking up. This means that if you procrastinate, skip class, or prioritize fun over studying, nobody is going to say anything - at least not until it is too late. It may be tempting to stay up late and put off working on assignments, because nobody is holding you accountable. Just remember that you are being held accountable. The only difference is that you may not receive any warnings before that happens.

4.Money Troubles

College is supposed to be a time in your life where you are learning new things and enjoying new experiences. It shouldn’t be your first experience with crushing debt. Unfortunately, it often is. Predatory lenders and credit card companies target college freshmen with high interest student loans and offers of credit cards.

5.Unhealthy Temptations

Even if you make the smart decision to avoid drugs and alcohol, there are plenty of other ways that you can fall prey to unhealthy temptations. You can eat too much, sleep too much or too little. You can even spend too much time on the internet.

Now, let’s look at the good stuff!

Life as a College Freshman: The Pros

1.Learning to be an Adult With Support

One great thing about going to college is that there are many support systems in place for you. For example, your advisor will help you plan your class schedule and help you deal with any academic struggles that you have. Your student support services will also provide academic help. The library staff will help you with research. Many college campuses also have counselors and student health centers available. This means that you will have a safe environment in which to become independent while still having support.

2.Meeting New People

If you take advantage of the experience, college provides you a great opportunity to get to know a wide variety of new people. Not all of these people will become friends, but you will be exposed to a variety of backgrounds and points of view. This can help you to develop a better developed and more understanding view of the world.

3.Exploring Your New Campus and Surroundings

Even if you live in a small college town with a tiny campus, there are things there for you to explore. Think about it. Once a week, you can try out a new hangout, restaurant, park, or movie theater. Then, there are all of the opportunities to explore your campus, and explore your interests. Your first year is a great opportunity to roam and explore.

4.The Chance to Reinvent Yourself

One of the worst things about high school is that everything sticks to you, and it becomes how you are defined. That unfortunate mistake you made in your sophomore year, that trend you followed, the interest that you no longer have, none of these things may apply to you anymore. In fact, in many cases these haven’t applied to you for years. You can use your freshman year as an opportunity to truly reinvent yourself. When you start your freshman year, you are not a jock,burnout, nerd, or anything else. You are just a new person with your own ideas and personality.

5.A Better Academic Experience

In high school, you were probably told that your college professors would be much more strict, much more demanding, and much less willing to forgive mistakes. What many students find is that the opposite is true. Rather than finding strict taskmasters, they learn that their professors are friendly, helpful, and absolutely passionate about the subjects that they teach. They experience lively class discussions, rather than rote lectures. That’s not all. In high school, many of your decisions were completely out of your control. For example, in high school, you could have never taken the option to skip one class to study for another. However, in college, you can do that without penalty, as long as you don’t abuse the privilege.

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