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No More Guilt about Being Active on Social Media – Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should Be

November 09, 2015 - Posted toCatchy topics for your research papers

Content no more guilt about being active on social media

Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should Be On Social Media

Social media is often damned because it is such a distraction from “real” work. Here are the common criticisms:

  • Students are on Facebook and Twitter, and YouTube more than they are “on” their school work.
  • Students don’t pursue and develop sound personal relationships – their relationships are all occurring online.
  • Students are not learning how to communicate in the real world of work
  • When Millennials find positions in the “real world” of work, they are less productive because of their needs to access social media.

Of course, these criticisms don’t have a lot of data to back them up – just observations of an older generation that shakes its head when it sees a couple of students seated in a restaurant, noses buried in their phones. There are no statistics, for example, that demonstrate that Millennials are less productive on the job. And, in fact, there are 7 reasons why social media is actually quite important and productive.

The Benefits of Social Media

Engagement with the Web and All of Its functions

The current generation is the first to have grown up “connected.” In fact, some are calling this “Generation C” because of this fact. What they have and continue to learn, even through their social media presences, is how to go beyond their small little world and to function in a world which will operate by online engagement. This generation is fully comfortable with this type of communication, while older members of the workforce are not. This generation knows how to connect with anyone, and it also masters the more complex functions for doing that very easily. As new technology continues to be unveiled, this group is ready for it, enthusiastic about is, and will use it to advantage. Organizations will benefit from having these Generation C techies on board.


While many see social media as simply a means for friends to “socialize” and entertain one another, there are far broader purposes at work here. Social media has become a platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions, for news and other important information. Students are learning to assess and analyze what is shared and to determine what is useful to them. The ability of this generation to absorb and share information is exploding, and some key skills are being developed, even though they may not realize it at the moment.


Social media allows conversations, sharing of ideas, and mutual understanding among people from all over the globe. While we cannot travel to South Africa, India or Vietnam, we can develop a much greater understanding of these cultures through personal Internet connections. The greater understanding people of various cultures have of one another, the more likely it is that personal alliances will be formed. And as these alliances skyrocket, and this generation moves into positions of leadership, the world will be seen as a very different place – perhaps a place where differences can be discussed before the guns and tanks come out. One of the interesting phenomena now coming out of social media is that fact that Israeli and Palestinian youth are communicating in a way their parents never will. There is hope, then, for the future.

Career Development

As young people prepare to enter the job market, they understand the importance of social media sites such as LinkedIn. They can begin before they ever graduate to establish a presence on LinkedIn and other career niche sites, developing a profile, uploading information about coursework and projects they have completed, posting achievements, honors, and organizations to which they belong. They can join groups in their future career niches and become a known presence within these groups. They can make connections with managers and executives of organizations that may be hiring in the future. And when it comes time, they can upload their resumes to the career clearinghouse functions of this site for potential employers to review.

Content Marketing Expertise

Very few businesses today do not have content marketing campaigns. They know that they have to have an Internet presence and that they have to spread their brands and develop relationships with their customers. Part of every content marketing strategy is a presence on social media. When students who have had years of experience connecting via social media are brought into a workplace, they have built-in expertise in the use of social media to “spread the word.”

Staying in Touch

Students and career professionals are busy people. And family, friends, and former colleagues are increasingly living long distances apart. There is a personal need to stay “connected” even through those long distances, and social media provides the best venue for this. A young career professional may have just gotten a promotion or landed a new job. S/he will want to announce that to all of his/her Facebook friends. No longer does this mean emails, phone calls or texts which must be send individually. Now that individual can post the good news on Facebook and tell everyone at once.

A Must for the Entrepreneur or Freelancer

For the individual who has decided to “strike out” on his own, social media is absolutely essential. All of those previous connections are still active. And all of those previous connections are now invaluable to make referrals and recommendations and share information about the product or service that the young entrepreneur is offering. Spreading a brand becomes much more efficient and successful when there is a large pool of “friends” on social media.

This generation of young people live in a connected world. While their parents and older co-workers may not understand it, and, indeed, condemn it, social media will have major positive benefits for years to come.

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