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Scholarship Program for Students

August 16, 2016 - Posted toStudent life

Content sph scholarship for students

About Us

Working with the students for a while and offering the admission and scholarship writing made us think about the problems that applicants face. There are many stories, various backgrounds and plenty achievements. So what brings together these young people with a common goal of getting into university or college? First - it's the proper education and we celebrate that. But if you look into the heart of that pursuit, ultimetely, they are following their dreams. Many seek for education is means of achiving life goal, get what they've been dreaming since early years.

Being a helper within the education sphere SmartPaperHelp offers a scholarship to help students get a step ahead towards their dreams.

About our scholarship

Smart Paper Help – paper writing service is proud to present its scholarship program for young students in pursuit of knowledge and accomplishment. In doing so, we strive to learn more on education and where the modern applicant finds themselves today. We seek a close-up on educaion from inside. Moreover, being an educational service, we wish to tackle the writing skills of young people. Thus, learning more on the weak sides would give us a benefit of helping out our customers and see more clear picture of where the young people at with the writing.

Take a look at our contest guidelines. If you recognize yourself, we encourage you to apply! Not only can you learn a lot during the process, but you might just be the one to win a special scholarship from Smart Paper Help. We look forward to seeing your applications. Good luck!

Contest Awards

  • First place: 1,000$
  • Second place: 700$
  • Third place: 400$

Who can apply?

Every applicant must be a student at any university, college, certificate program or equivalent on the territory of the United States. High school students who will enroll in 2016 can also apply.

Essay topic

  • Problems Of Modern Educational System And Their Solutions
  • Difficulties We Face In College
  • What Problems Do You See In Your College And How Do They Affect You Personally?

Essay guidelines

  • The essay must be written in English language.
  • Minimum word count is up to the applicant, with maximum word count being 1,000 words.
  • The essay must not contain any offensive, defamatory, or harassing content, otherwise the application will not be considered.
  • The essay should be submitted in the following file format: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx).
  • Use of images is allowed if the applicant holds the copyrights or is able to provide full credit to the owner.
  • The applicant’s name must not appear in the essay. The applicant should provide their full name, valid e-mail address and a social media link on a separate page in the submission.

Selection process

After the conclusion of application acceptance period all eligible entries will be looked through by a jury of professional writers and editors of Smart Paper Help.

The entries will be rated according to:

  • Originality
  • Use of language (grammar, spelling, punctuation)
  • Creativity and depth of content
  • Relevance to the topic of the contest

The three essays that win the highest overall scores, win the contest.

Smart Paper Help may post the verified winner’s names on the Smart Paper Help Contest Page, Twitter, Facebook or other social media pages. The finalists will receive an e-mail notification of consideration. In case that the finalist choses to ignore the e-mail or refuse to receive the prize, his or her prize will go to the next best ranking finalist.

Contest guidelines

  • The contest is limited to one entry per person. No additional updates will be accepted.
  • The contest is absolutely free. No applicant will be charged for participating in this contest.
  • The application must be original. Each essay will be checked for plagiarism and any suspicious applications will not be considered.
  • The applicant should submit their properly formatted paper as a Word document to:
  • In order to complete their application, the applicant must “Follow” Smart Paper Help on Twitter as well as “Like” Smart Paper Help on Facebook.
  • After submitting the application, the applicant should “Share” the “Smart Scholarship” post on his or her Twitter account. The purpose of this is to spread the word about our scholarship to as many students as possible. Every student can benefit from free high-quality tutoring.
  • By entering this contest, the applicant warrants that their entry (1) is original and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party, (2) has not been published in any medium, (3) and has not won an award anywhere before.
  • By participating in this contest the applicant automatically constitutes his or her agreement to the Terms and Conditions and the rejection of any further claim.

Application Deadline:

10th of January, 2017.

Note: After submitting the essay, the applicant transfers all ownership rights to Smart Paper Help. Any and all materials used in the essay effectively become property of Smart Paper Help or its content provider and are protected by copyright laws. They may not be reproduced, published, redistributed, transmitted, resold, displayed, broadcast or otherwise exploited in any form without express permission of either Smart Paper Help or an entity credited as the copyright holder of said licensed content. The entirety of all content on Smart Paper Help Services is the exclusive property of Smart Paper Help and protected by copyright laws.

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