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Social Media Cheat Sheet for Users and Brands

February 08, 2016 - Posted toStudy and Education

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Social Media - A Cheat Sheet That Helps

Nowadays most of the people spend a lot of time every day on social media. It’s a huge tool for everyone to express themselves, to share their ideas or to tell about their business. But every social network is unique and has its own specifics. We have made an infographic for you in order to help you to be oriented in the world of social media. Use it as a cheat paper!

If you need a good source of inspiration check out Pinterest! They have over 100 million active users, 66% of which regularly seek for the pictures that will inspire them. To share videos you should definitely use YouTube. 1 billion unique users watch videos on YouTube every month, spending 40 minutes in average every day. That’s a huge audience! Also these years Instagram has become a highly popular place to share photos and videos with 400 million users every month, 90% of which are younger than  35 years old. Another platform you can use for your social images and stories is Snapchat. Every day 100 million users use it and more than half of them visit discovery section. Lately live streaming has become popular. Periscope, for example, have 10 million registered users and stream 350k hours of video every day!

Digital media is presented by websites like Reddit. 234 million monthly users share content in digital paper format and links that have made an impression on them on Reddit. If you are looking for a communication in social sizes try to build circles in Google+. This network has 300 million active users, 51% of them are men. But the world’s largest social network is Facebook. There are 1.5 billion users worldwide. Also 91% of millenials use it. You will get a lot of likes and shares there, which will help you or your business to become more popular. Twitter and LinkedIn are useful for business owners and professionals. 


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