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Spend Time Alone and Unlock the Real You

December 04, 2015 - Posted toStudy and Education

Content spend time alone and unlock the real you

Why Spending Time Alone Helps Unlock Your Potential

We are a fully connected society. Children as young as 2-3 years old have tablets and play games and watch videos that come over the Internet. By the time most kids are 8, they know how to text and email. And by the time they are early teens, they have Facebook accounts and communicate all over the web. As adults, it is almost impossible to not to be connected on a daily basis – our phones, our iPads, our computers at work and home. They are a huge convenience and allow us to conduct personal and professional business quickly and easily.

There comes a time, however, when we are on connection “overload” and really just need to get away from it all. This is a healthy need and should be accommodated often. When we dis-connect ourselves from our devices, from other people, and from the noise of the world around us, several good things happen.

We Can Drop Our Social Guard

We don’t have to think about how we are perceived by others; we don’t have to think about how others may interpret what we say. We are alone with ourselves and our own thoughts – no one else is influencing how we think or what we do. We can consult only with ourselves as we set goals, analyze our behaviors and make our own decision. What freedom this provides us.

We Can Engage in Creative and Productive Thought

Working alone is often the time when creative solutions, sometimes called that “Aha” moment, will come to us. And, away from others, you are also away from distractions, from conversations and interruptions – a nice place to be when you need to be highly focused and productive.

You Accept Personal Responsibility

When you work in a group, you face the temptation of letting others carry the weight. This is unfair to others in the group but also to yourself. You may have much to offer, new solutions, better ideas, but you choose to become a passive rather than an active participant. This is not who you need to be, if you intend to value yourself as worthy.

You May Make New Connections

While this sounds a bit strange in a post on being alone, here is how this works. When you leave your social group behind and strike out on your own, you may find new people with whom you have common interests and values. It is nice to broaden our horizons, lest we become too stuck in our comfort zones.

You are in Control

How liberating to make decisions all on your own regarding what you will do and when you will do it. There are no others whose needs and wants you have to consider when you operate all on your own. Just having a day every once in a while when you are in total control of every minute is a truly renewing activity.

You Can Clean Up Your Mind

We are so scattered so much of the time. There are pulls and tugs on us from everyone around. We have no time to just “recharge” ourselves. We need time to dream, to think about our futures, to develop plans and strategies to pursue our dreams. This can happen only when we have alone time to clear out all other distractions.

You may not have a lot of opportunity to get off to yourself. But, when you do, you need to grab it, embrace it, and learn more about yourself and your needs and wants. It is gloriously liberating and will bring you back to the connected work far more refreshed.

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