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Top 10 the Most and the Least Religious Colleges in USA

August 20, 2016 - Posted toStudy and Education

Content top 10 the most and the least religious colleges in usa

While the majority of today’s youth takes a liberal approach to college education, some universities have student bodies and administration that leans one way or the other. There’s no wrong answer in whether you’re an atheist or a religious person, it’s just that some colleges are religious colleges while others are populated with more liberal students.

Both of these groups of students act and live in mostly the same ways, doing everything that young people do. They have parties and celebrations; look for college paper help and studying together. In today’s world, both groups can be considered liberal in the way they live their college lives. Religious colleges and universities are located all across the US and students are free to enroll into whichever they prefer. Let’s take a look at some from both categories.

Most Religious

When it comes to religious colleges, we often think of the rules that the student body has to abide by. These vary from university to university and they are often things that we otherwise take for granted, like forbidden drinking of alcohol or dating someone from the campus. While they vary in intensity and strictness, they are often the reason why many non-believing student opt for a more liberal college to enroll. In the end it comes down to personal choice and future plans of each individual.

  1. Baylor University – Located in Texas, Waco, this university has been around since 1845 and it is affiliated with the Baptist Church. It has a 55% acceptance rate, 56% graduation rate and higher than average post-graduate salary, making it a pretty good choice for many students choosing between religious colleges to enroll in.
  2. Brigham Youth University – Located in Utah, Provo, Brigham Youth University has been founded in 1875 and affiliates itself with The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As with most religious colleges, BYU has a strict set of rules for its students but in turn, they offer financial aid and scholarships for both US and international students.
  3. College Of The Ozarks – Situated in Point Lookout, Missouri, and founded in 1906. This college is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and is very difficult to enroll, due to high bars set by the administration.
  4. Thomas Aquinas College – Located in Santa Paula, California, this college was founded in 1971. It’s a relatively young institution affiliated with the Catholic Church. It has a fairly high acceptance rate of 80%, making it a good choice for Catholics looking through religious colleges to enroll in.
  5. American University – Resting in the District of Columbia, Washington, and this university has been around since 1893. This institution is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. This university has also been named the most politically active university in the US, and with a 25% acceptance rate, it’s fairly difficult to enroll.
  6. Wheaton College – Located in Norton, Massachusetts, this college was founded in 1860. It affiliates itself with the Christian Church and is known for it’s very LGBT-unfriendly student body. With an acceptance rate of 65%, it’s a good choice for religious Christians out there.
  7. Rhodes College – Resting in Memphis, Tennessee, the private Hillsdale College was founded in 1848. It affiliates itself with the Presbyterian Church and has an acceptance rate of 60%. Coupled with the possibility of school funding for tuition, the student enrolling in Rhodes College might only pay half of what the actual tuition is, making it a pretty affordable and quality education place for a religious student.
  8. Santa Clara University – Located in Santa Clara, California, this university was founded in 1851. It affiliates itself with the Catholic Church and with an acceptance rate of 49% and a high graduation rate of 80%; it makes a good choice for future students seeking good religious colleges to enroll in.
  9. Trinity University – Situated in San Antonio, Texas, the Trinity University has been founded in 1869. Its affiliation rests with the Presbyterian Church. The university has an acceptance rate of 48% and a graduation rate of 71% making it a good choice for Presbyterian affiliated high school graduates out there.
  10. Villanova University – With it’s location in Villanova, Pennsylvania, the university has been around since 1842, making it a pretty established institution. It affiliates itself with the Roman Catholic Church and has an acceptance rate of 49% with one of the highest average SAT scores, making it fairly difficult to get in.

Least religious

It’s important to note that “least religious” simply means that the faculty and student body are liberal and not as religious as their counterparts. In the most religious colleges, sometimes even getting simple paper writing help from someone outside the faculty can be bad for you. Their campus rules are different than most religious colleges and focus on good behavior and mutual respect; not at religious activities. Here are some of the choices of college education for the more liberal, atheist and agnostic high school graduates out there.

  1. Vassar College – Founded in 1861 and located in Poughkeepsie, New York, this college has been known far and wide as being the most liberal college in the US. However, with its low acceptance rate of 25%, it’s fairly difficult to enroll due to high competition.
  2. Lewis & Clarke College – Located in Portland, Oregon, this college has been around since 1867. This private college has an acceptance rate of 66% making it a good choice among the less religious colleges for future students looking to major in arts or sciences.
  3. Pomona College – Founded in 1877, the Pomona College is located in Claremont California. The acceptance rate at Pomona is staggeringly low, with only 9% of applicants being enrolled into student body. The reason for this isn’t a large competition so much as it is the high bar set by the college itself.
  4. Reed College – Situated in Portland, Oregon, the Reed College has been founded in 1908. The acceptance rate at Reed has been falling each year, currently standing at 36%.
  5. Bard College – Located in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, this college has been founded in 1860. Considering it a liberal arts college, the Bard College has an acceptance rate of 32%.
  6. Eugene Lang College – Located in New York, NY, this college has a relatively short history so far, being founded in 1975. With the acceptance rate standing at 71% and its liberal views of society and arts, ULC is a pretty good choice for future students situated in New York and looking at some of the less religious colleges out there.
  7. Bennington College – Founded in 1932 in Bennington, Vermont, BC is a private nonsectarian college of liberal arts. It started as a women’s college but became co-educational in 1969. With an acceptance rate standing at 72%, it’s a pretty good choice for anyone looking at liberal college education.
  8. Emerson College – Situated in Boston, Massachusetts, the Emerson College has been around since 1880. Even though the acceptance rate is 48%, the college is proud of its international relations and student’s possibilities of doing a part of their education abroad. Like other colleges on this list, EC is also a liberal arts institution.
  9. Sarah Lawrence College – The SLC is located in Bronxville, New York and was founded in 1926 as a private institution. It consistently rates as one of the leading liberal arts institutions in the US, and with the acceptance rate of 53%, it’s worth a shot if you’re looking for quality and liberal education.
  10. Hampshire College – Last but not least we have the HC, located in Amherst, Massachusetts. As with many colleges on our list, the HC is a private institution. It was founded in 1965 and boasts a pretty impressive acceptance rate of 70%, making it a good choice among the less religious colleges out there.
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