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Want to Pay Someone to Write Your Research Paper? Think Twice

April 13, 2017 - Posted toStudent life

Content want to pay someone to write your research paper think twice

We live in a busy world. College students today must juggle not only their classes but many have a job, a family, and other obligations that keep them from concentrating fully on their education requirements, especially their research papers.

Throughout the Internet, there are businesses that provide help with research papers. Many of them promise that they can deliver it in a couple of days and promise that the papers will not be duplicate or plagiarized material. Many of these companies offer a disclaimer on their sites stating that their papers are only for research purposes and that the student should be responsible for using at their own discretion. Our question is, if there is a need for a disclaimer, how original could the paper be?

But how ethical is it to be paying someone else to do your research paper? Are there circumstances where this is acceptable? And if so what are they?

The Stats

It is reported that up to 4% of students use an internet business to do their papers, and this is only what is reported. In a telephone interview with Dr. Hall-Karambe, a professor at a college in Philadelphia PA, she said that there were students that complained when she had found plagiarized content in their papers by using software such as Copyscape. She reports that students asked her what is wrong with using what was considered open source content from the internet in their papers.

The problem with it, Dr. Hall reports, is that it is not cited work. Students are using the work and reporting it as their own. She also reports that this is a problem that gets worse every year. When she started at the college 15 years ago, she said: “maybe 1% of students were caught with plagiarized material, but now it’s upwards of 5-6% of students.” (Dr. H-K, Philadelphia, Pa.)

What we have also learned from interviews across campuses, is that it is not just students that are busy with so many classes or jobs or families that are doing this, it is those that are just plain lazy and don’t want to do the work.

Says Dr. Hall, “it’s not fair to the students that take the time to do their research and may receive their grades accordingly, and to overlook those who do not and end up with a better grade because it is a professional paper. As far as I am concerned, it's cheating.”

The Cost

When you ask yourself, “what should I write my research paper on?”,  this is when you will possibly begin searching online and run into the research paper writer’s sites and begin thinking, “I can get someone to write my research paper for me.” Before you take this step, make sure you consider the costs.

If you have waited till the last minute to get your paper done, it is going to be costly to have someone do your paper for you with shorter time constraints. A paper that is due within 2 days, depending on the length can run up to $250.00 or more. Dorm rooms across the country are filled with students just ready to click a button and plop down their parents hard earned money off of a credit card to turn their papers in on time.

If you decide to pay much less, some papers priced from 25-100 dollars, this is where you may run into the duplicated/plagiarized content mill type papers. The adage, you get what you pay for comes into play when you hire a paper writer to try to make your research paper perfect, at low cost.

It’s already costing a bundle for your college education when you add to it the cost of buying papers instead of doing your own research, this could run into the thousands. Students who continually buy their papers instead of doing their own research are also cheating themselves out of skills that they will need when finally graduating and going into the workforce.

The Pros

There are some pros to getting help with your paper. For instance, foreign students who are at a disadvantage when developing papers with the correct English grammar to get a passing grade.  These struggling ESL students are faced with constant roadblocks while producing degree-level papers and rely on professionals to see them through.

In this case, there are instances that a professor will recommend that the student gets additional help. This is in the way of tutors that are usually provided by the college, and if necessary, help from online paper writing sites that are sincerely interested in helping students instead of just making money.

In this case, a student should look for reliable sources. What makes a reliable source when you buy college research papers? Well, the first thing we agreed on was that the company should not do the entire paper for you. They should work with you to construct an acceptable paper that you are involved with from the beginning so that you do not grow dependent on using this type of service throughout your academic career. In addition, look for these attributes when involving professional research paper writers:

  • Their success rate: Are there testimonials that don’t seem fabricated and are sincere?
  • Guarantees- money back if there is plagiarism found. You can download software such as Copyscape to run your completed paper through to see if there are duplicates of it online.
  • Do they have a revision policy? It would be good to negotiate unlimited number of revisions
  • A samples page. Some businesses have a page that you can look at the samples that they have provided for past customers and some of these you can download and use as research instead of buying a paper.
  • A staff of English-speaking writers is a must
  • All academic levels of writers available on staff (from high-school to the dissertation level). This ensures that they are a full-service business and probably have been in business for a long time.
  • Full-time support systems in place so that you can access an advisor or writer anytime you have questions.
  • The company should have a pre-writing stage where you are introduced to your writer and can go over your exact needs and specifications
  • All citation styles available: (MLA, APA, Harvard, or Chicago)

If you are talking to a company to help with your professional writing needs and you feel that something is off, follow that first thought. These papers are gateways to your grades and should not be taken lightly.

It is nothing wrong with using these services if they are used in an ethical way. Don’t get caught up in the content mills that do not have your best interest as a student. Check the above list, and then check it again before clicking any keys that pay for your paper.

In conclusion, think twice about waiting so long to get it done. If you begin a 20-page paper as soon as you receive your syllabus and do 2 pages a week, you will be done before the end of the semester and you can relax. Don’t be a lazy student and it will pay off in the end. Good luck!

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