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Why Essay Writing Services Are So Popular Among Students

February 10, 2017 - Posted toStudy and Education

Content why essay writing services are so popular among students

Essay writing services could be very accurately described as a not so well kept little secret. More people use them than most people realize. The thing is, people tend to avoid discussing it. Think about it though, if nobody is using essay writing companies, why are there so many of them?

Clearly people are using essay services. Have you ever wonder the history behind that, or why academic writing services are used by thousands and thousands of students each year? To get the real dirt, keep reading. We think you’ll find this information quite illuminating.

Writing Essays For Others - An Age Old Tradition

We’ve all seen it on televisions and in the movies. The stereotypical nerd writes the athlete’s papers for him so that the jock can earn good grades and continue playing sports. Sometimes money changes hands, sometimes the nerd earns popularity, and other times where the nerd offers his services to avoid getting pounded.

There’s a grain of truth to this, but in the real world the origins of writing essays for others isn’t quite so dramatic. Even before the internet, students have been exchanging money for essays for decades. Ask anyone who was a college student ten, twenty, thirty, or forty years ago. Everybody knew at least one person who would write papers for  money or other valuable currency such as beer.

Now, that model no longer works very well. That stereotypical nerd has a full and strenuous class schedule. In addition to that, they no longer have to write papers for money. Now, they design websites, write apps, and use their brains in other ways to earn money.

It Isn’t Just Jocks Who Need Help Writing a College Essay

There’s a bit of a stereotype that comes into play when people think about those who need help writing an essay. This is unfortunate because we don’t really run into too many ‘dumb jocks’ or party animals who aren’t smart enough or are too busy frying their brains to do their schoolwork.

Yes, we do help many athletes, but they tend to be involved in many activities and quite smart. Yes, staying eligible to play sports is important to them, but so is academic success.

We also help out many other types of students including:

  • Single Parents
  • ESL Students
  • Students Who Work Full Time
  • Non Traditional Students
  • Students Who Are Heavily Involved in Volunteer Work
  • Students Who Are Involved in Many Campus Activities
  • Students Taking Exhaustive Course Loads
  • High School Students Trying to Get Into The Best Colleges

The truth is, essay writing services like help students from all walks of life, and we always have.

Students Use  College Essay Writing Help For Many Reasons

We don’t ask people to tell us why they are using their services, but they frequently let us know anyway. The reasons people share with us are quite varied. They also aren’t what many people would think. Here are some of the reasons people have asked us for writing help in the last few months.

  • I have an English paper and a biology paper due the same week. I’m pre-med and need to focus on science.
  • My sister is getting married two states away. I have to work extra shifts to pay for my plane tickets. I can’t do that and write an essay at the same time.
  • Between work and school, I haven’t spent time with my family in a month. I need this weekend off.
  • I understand the material, but my English isn’t so great. My instructor keeps penalizing my mistakes even though I have good ideas.
  • I’m working with a tutor to help me understand this subject better, but my paper is due in a week!

Schools Often Put Students in an Unfair Position

Most schools require students to take a wide variety of classes. This is great for enrichment and exposure, but let’s be honest. We all have our talents and weaknesses. Sure, there are the lucky few students who are good at all subjects. It’s just that this doesn’t apply to most of us. For example, if someone is very talented in math and science they may not be as skilled in areas like writing,  history, or literature.

Imagine being an English Lit major. You love words, books, and writing. You struggle with science and math. You have to maintain a GPA of 3.8 or higher to get into grad school. All of this goes towards your goals of eventually becoming a professor. There’s no getting around it,  you have to take at least three math or science classes to earn your degree. Colleges won’t let you take core academic classes as pass/fail anymore. Do you take your chances and try to write research papers for math and science classes on your own, or do you focus on achieving your dreams and ask us for help?

It should be becoming  more and more clear now, why these services are so popular. There’s also the issue of scheduling. Most colleges consist of several departments or schools. These departments don’t coordinate with one another when handing out difficult writing assignments. This means that it is absolutely possible for a student to find themselves trying to juggle an essay, an article, and research paper all at the same time. It’s a rare student who can manage all of that and earn good grades on each assignment.

It Just Works!

Most students are skeptical and a bit worried when they pay for essay writing services. Fortunately, as long as they do a bit of research and choose quality companies with experienced writers, they quickly find that their fears are unfounded. Once this happens, first time customers often become loyal return customers. Even better, they tell their friends.


Content writing businesses aren’t popular because they help lazy students cheat. They are popular because they help people from a variety of backgrounds meet their academic goals. As long as students  have busy and complicated lives, we’ll be there to help.

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