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Making Personal Statements

Personal Statement Preparation

A personal statement is a required part of the process of applying to graduate school. While each school and graduate program department may have slightly different ways of handling personal statements, for the most part the process is the same for each school. Completing a personal statement includes answering a series of questions posed about your academic history, accomplishments, personality traits, and reasons for your interest in that particular program. Many of the questions are difficult to answer to say the least. This is why so many students hire consultants to advise them as they go through this process. If you use our personal statement services at, you will get access to a Ph.D. consultant who is an expert at understanding graduate school admissions policy. Your consultant will also have a degree in a field related to the studies that you are pursuing.

Personal Statement Services

Your personal statement consultant works for you. This means that you get to determine the amount of help that you need. Some students opt to use their consultant as simply an advisor. This means that they write the lion’s share of their personal statement, but rely on their consultant for advice on any changes or additions that they should make. Other students require more help. They frequently provide their consultant with any relevant information, and then allow the consultant to write their personal statement for them.

How to Get Assistance

Getting personal statement consultation help is extremely easy. If you fill out the order form on our website, we will put you in contact with your consultant immediately.



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