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Problems Research

Problem Research in Mathematics – When Failure Can Mean Success

Most research projects begin with a research question, flow through a process of literature review, research methodology and implementation, results, analysis, and, ultimately an answer to the question. This is true in virtually any graduate field, except for mathematics. Research in math involves taking a problem which has been the subject of lots of prior research and attempting to find a solution to it. The understanding is that, in all probability, the student’s research will not bear a solution to the problem. This can be seen as a failure, but really not so. What the research will conclude is a compilation of solutions that will not work, to be added to the other solutions that didn’t work from prior researchers. And that, in math problem research, is a successful project.

All May Not be Smooth Sailing!

Discovering what will not work is a difficult task, because the student researcher will have to review all of the prior solution attempts and be certain that his/her solutions do not mirror those. Then, building upon those non-solutions, the student must come up with some new possibilities to try out. And this is where the challenge can become pretty overwhelming. This is also where can come to assist.

If you are really struggling to come up with potential solutions for your research, you can submit that problem to on an order form and let a Ph.D. mathematician come up with those potential solutions for you. If you have already begun work on some solutions, s/he can take them and build upon them for you.

When you use our site for this kind of assistance, you will always have direct contact with your consultant, so that the two of you can discuss the efficacy of the solutions that the two of you are working on. This is invaluable confidential consultation for you.

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