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Skills Of The Leader

Leadership Skills

Leadership, as brought out by the British rock musician in the video, involves a comprehensive mix of five qualities that are summarized as five L’s. First, leaders must truly lead from the front and the back. They must have some sense of direction into the unknown future for an organization. Secondly, leaders have to develop listening skills in order to create a rapport with the teams they lead. This also allows them to stay informed in the team.

Thirdly, leaders have to endeavor to learn continuously in the work environment. This allows them to make prudent and informed decisions that affect organizations they lead. It also helps them create a positive future for the employees and provides opportunity for networking. Fourthly, a leader must show love to their team members (eHow, 2009). One should have some positive regard for the employees at the workplace and give any support to them.

Finally, when things go wrong, leaders must learn to lose with grace. They should desist from apportioning blame or identifying people to take responsibility because they too are directly responsible by virtue of leading the organization. Most of these qualities are really developed as part of personal competencies in leadership (eHow, 2009). Leaders can practice and learn the qualities, especially through leadership experience.

In the music industry, maintaining proper work relationship with the production crew can serve to propel one to great success. A music producer can give proper guidance to an artist on the best cast and scenes to capture in a video, based on his professional insight. In other professions, for example, engineering, the lead engineer must work in close cooperation with other engineers by fostering a good working relationship based on listening and mutual understanding.

“Maybe” by Michael Jordan

In the video clip “Maybe”, Michael Jordan passes the critical message that failure is one of the real possibilities in every human pursuits. Everyone can fail, including Michael Jordan. He insists that his hard work at the gym gave him success in basketball. He failed on many occasions, but this was his greatest source of motivation. Mere talent cannot guarantee success if it is not honed through persistent hard work and resilience. Michael Jordan thinks that his success in basketball may have destroyed the game by creating false perceptions about the reality of the game’s demands on upcoming players (Shahtoosh, 2008).

The gym images showing weight lifts depict some of the hard work that Jackson had to put up with. He had to do push, ups, extensions, leg curls, and even some deadlifts during his training sessions. The trophies in the commercial symbolize the reward for his hard work. The living room shown also brings out basketball as Michael Jordan’s main profession from which he depended on for an income. The changing rooms and the rugged ground basketball courts depict the challenges that Jordan went through in his quest to sharpen basketball skills.    

Michael Jordan’s pain was his motivation in basketball (Shahtoosh, 2008). This brings him out as a resilient and motivated personality who was not easily discouraged. He also comes out as a hardworking individual whose basketball success started at the gym and not at the throw line where many people were seeing his basketball prowess. Michael encourages people to use the pain they go through as a motivation to work harder and achieve better results. People must also put consistent effort in their work in order to realize success. There is no need for people to look for excuses. Instead, they should perform. Great success can be realized when one has a growth mindset and some passion about whatever one is doing. Jordan grew his talent and faced many challenges in his pursuits.


eHow, (2009). Leadership Skills: Qualities of a Great Leader. Web. Accessed 8 May 2015.



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