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Solving Equations

Solving Equations

As a math, chemistry, physics, or computer science major, you have known that equations with which you will be presented are a far cry from those you had in high school, even in AP classes, or in lower level courses in your undergraduate work. Now, however, you are getting into the “tough stuff” and solving equations just became so challenging that you are wondering if you are really “up” to these tasks. The answer is that you are, of course, with the right kind of help. And that help is available at Don’t let the term “paper” fool you. We have mathematicians with Master’s and Ph.D.’s for students just like you.

What Our Help “Looks” Like

In math, so much of mastery is based upon seeing enough examples and having solutions modeled, so that when similar problems come up in the future, you are able to take the challenge with some reasonable chance for success. The frustration comes when you don’t think you can be successful, and that is why our mathematicians are on staff and ready to help.

  1. You will request your equation solving help by submitting an order form. On that form you can upload the equation and anything that you have accomplished thus far. This gives us the information we need to put you in touch with the right math scholar, and it allows that expert to review what you have done. Often, you may have made some calculation errors that have thrown off your successful solution. Other times, you may have missed some critical step.
  2. Your assigned mathematician will go to work on the solution. Once it is completed, you will be notified and you will then access your account and download the solution. But we do not stop there.
  3. We want you to understand how the equation was solved and where your hurdles were. So, when you access your account, you can engage in messaging with your expert and get the explanations you need. Often, once students see how the equation was solved, they have a great “aha” moment and understanding comes quickly!

There is no point in “spinning your wheels” with no good results anymore. Just submit your order now, and get the right help!



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